CPD #1

The Daylight Economy

Facilitating the happiness and health of building occupants is one of the most important considerations for any modern building – whether it be a school, hospital or office. This CPD will show how, through the power of daylight, architects, specifiers and contractors have the ability to enhance the health, well-being and productivity of people everywhere.

CPD #2

Daylight and Ventilation in Healthy Homes

Currently, 1 in 6 Europeans live in an unhealthy building. This seminar looks at what makes a home healthy home, the physiological benefits of daylight and ventilation and how to apply them optimally in home renovation projects, and presents case studies for delivering private and social housing projects that are healthy, sustainable and affordable.

CPD #3

Daylight and the Human Response

Research spanning industry and academia is unanimous in the benefits of natural light and ventilation – they supercharge learning, creativity and productivity. In this CPD, Daylight and the Human Response, we look at the role of daylight in promoting wellbeing, how to measure it, and how to engineer it for the greatest impact.

CPD #4

Modular Systems, the Future of Construction

We look at the future of construction: Modular Systems. Offsite and modular construction can deliver key benefits like speed, assured quality, minimal disruption, cost and time certainty, future flexibility, and reduced waste. This CPD investigates how to specify modularity for project optimisation.

CPD #5

Offsite Fabrication for Smarter Construction

We look at how Offsite Fabrication For Smarter Construction into construction processes brings tangible relief to the critical path. Channeling the perspectives of contractors, developers and construction professionals – we examine the benefits of smart product integration, in terms of efficiency, simplicity, control, cost and sustainability.

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