What is modularity?

Modularity, as we define it, is the use of standardised, prefabricated engineered components for easy, fast and cost-effective on-site construction.

In this learning pathway, we’ll look at the benefits of modularity, as well as the potential pitfalls, and how it contributes to the efficiency and long-term success of construction projects.

Video: installing modular skylights The VELUX Modular Skylights system is a high-performance glazed roof panel solution for commercial solutions. It can be combined in a number of rooflight configurations, creating ideal solutions for a wide variety of building types: narrow corridors, internal courts, studios, large circulation spaces and much more. Each roof glazing solution is delivered with a special prefabricated flashing ensuring a perfect fit and 100% water tightness. In this video, you can see the installation of VMS at the headquarters of DSV, a transport and logistics company, in Denmark.
Our prefabricated modular skylight system delivers the human benefits of daylight at scale, whilst saving time on-site. Find out why it's an ideal long-term solution for all sectors
School installation of VELUX Modular Skylights In this case study video, we talk to Leigh Bennett of Interserve Construction about why he chose VELUX Modular Skylights for a new SEMH school in Leeds

What’s Next?

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Many thanks to site team at SEMH school project in Leeds, specifically Leigh Bennett; Senior Site Manager at Interserve and Martin Edmondson; Installations Director at Glazing Systems.